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Camping Lichnos

Parga, Preveza, Greece
  • Sleeps
  • Kitchen
  • Pets
    Not Allowed
  • Toilet
  • Shower
  • Wi-Fi

The special, fine facilities, set in a green and refreshing embrace beneath large, shady centenarian olive trees, close to the sea, on a sand and clean beach, provide you and your family with everything you need for a comfortable and carefree stay, whether for a long period of time or just a few days.

There are 150 parking spaces available for campers, caravans, automobiles, tents, and automobiles. Wattles that are well-designed and properly trimmed protect your vehicles and tents.

The view from the highest seats is breathtaking, while the sound of the crashing waves will accompany your dreams from the lower rows of the stadium. Suitable for families, groups of friends, or couple looking to relax or flirt in a peaceful, natural setting while also having the option of quick and easy excursions in any direction to suit their preferences or needs. Allow your children to enjoy their carefree games in a safe environment.

That is taken care of by the appropriate facilities and helpful employees. Take part in an ongoing journey; similar to camping, each day and night brings fresh surprises to bear.



  • Adult
    7.00 €
  • Child
    5.00 €
  • Small Tent
    5.00 €
  • Large Tent
    6.00 €
  • Caravan
    7.00 €
  • Motorhome
    9.00 €
  • Van
    7.00 €
  • Car
    4.00 €
  • Motorcycle
    3.00 €
  • Electricity
    4.00 €


Google Reviews

592 reviews
  • Virzhiniya Kirilova
    Virzhiniya Kirilova
    7 months ago

    Excellent location for tents in a small olive forest, right on the beach. You will not be able to park...

  • Andy Revesz
    Andy Revesz
    7 months ago

    Avoid. This site is in a beautiful location but it appears that they don’t care about campers anymore, everything is...

  • David Pavlič
    David Pavlič
    10 months ago

    Camping with one of the nicest beaches in the area. But for campers without tents is different as it was...

  • andrei liviu ion
    andrei liviu ion
    9 months ago

    We were here for only one hour waiting for our boat to come. Good service, good Greek food, average zone...

  • Vivian Saaristola
    Vivian Saaristola
    a year ago

    Wonderful beach and the most lovely staff. You really feel like you are cared for❤️The hotel rooms are all clean...

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