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In the beautiful Laconic Mani, in Vathi Gythio, Camping Dias is the place where you will “taste” clean sea, pleasant stay and organization, delicious flavors, relaxed fun and family holidays. A place for all tastes with many activities and amenities, ideal even for the most demanding guests.


Zeus campsite has space for tents and caravans with each location demarcated and separate from each other so that each visitor has his own personal space. The sanitary facilities with toilets, showers and washbasins are located in 3 places within the area to cover all residents and there is the supply of hot water 24 hours a day.

On site you will find a restaurant that operates daily with traditional Greek flavors and tables by the sea. The beach bar on the beach is open from morning for coffee and granitas until late at night for cocktails accompanied by relaxed music in a romantic landscape.

Camping is an ideal choice for both groups, couples and families. In particular, there are many activities for children and within the campsite – such as a playground – but also in the surrounding area, with the possibility of even educational discussions about the type of caretta-caretta that exists in the area.

The beach in Vathi is only a few meters away from your tent with clear waters – holder of a blue flag – fine white sand and fully equipped with sunbeds and umbrellas of the campsite to enjoy your bath. Along it, you will find a volleyball court as well as water sports for lovers of the genre. There you will also see the nests of the caretta-caretta and you can also see turtles crossing the beach to the sea.

The river that crosses Vathi and ends at the campsite is an additional element of the natural beauty of the place and offers another place of exploration and entertainment.

There is also a kitchen in the area to prepare a meal with a fridge for storing things, washing machines and dryers as well as a dispensary and a mini market with all the essentials open during the day.

Finally, you will find the parking lot at the entrance of the campsite, but you can park your car and next to your tent or caravan for greater safety.


The location of camping Dias offers many options for activities and exploration in the surrounding areas.

A good idea is hiking as in the area there are many paths that you can cross and capture unique images especially in the summer mornings with coolness and the sun has not yet come out.

The Ancient Theatre in Gythio – a classic monument and attraction – and the small island of Helen of Troy are beautiful for an afternoon walk against the backdrop of the sunset.

In conclusion, the camping staff is fully informed and will be happy to recommend excursions and activities depending on your time and appetite!




  • 1 person + tent or caravan or motorhome + car + electricity
    15.00 €
  • 2 persons + tent or caravan or motorhome + car + electricity
    25.00 €
  • 2 persons + child + tent or caravan or motorhome + car + electricity
    28.00 €
  • 2 persons + 2 children + tent or caravan or motorhome + car + electricity
    29.00 €
  • Extra Adult
    10.00 €
  • Extra child (up to 10year)
    3.00 €


Google Reviews

246 reviews
  • Alessandra Crapanzano

    Terrible. We ran away after less than 24 hours, the cleaning inside the campsite, in the bathrooms and showers is totally absent, for them the cleaning consists only in the morning with the throw out of the water from the showers. We strongly advise the owners to buy at least some detergents or something to at least pretend to clean, I do not think the money is missing. The price is disproportionate for these services offered. We stayed at some campsites in the area with the same price (more than 7 euros per person) and it was not at all this level of squalor. It’s also funny because at the entrance of the campsite there is a sign that says "health first of all" when we were severely afraid of catching diseases there. Attention especially to families with children.

    6 months ago

    It's very difficult to do this. I'll try to put apart the different emotions that this place caused in me, trying to be helpful for other travellers. Ospitality: 5 Professionality: 1 Place: 5 if you stay ON the beach with the tent, like I did. Place: 3 otherwise Services (toilets): 3. Ok, though very dated. Good and hot shower. Services (others): 1. What I think with my hearth: I like you. Take this not like a critic, but as an advice. You have a good place, big camping, you are very kind people. You have to work on the professionality. I mean: the "funny" approach may function with Italian brothers like me, but the vast majority don't want this. For the travellers: if you want PEACE and a beautiful place with nothing else, this is your Camping. If you want to chat with locals, exchanging stories, this is your place. If you want an asectic camping, with good services and kind-like-professional staff, this is not your camping. I'm a motorbiker and if I'll be in the area, I'll return.

  • Ioannis Tsakiris
    Ioannis Tsakiris
    6 months ago

    Very well organized, with friendly and polite staff, amazing food, nice coffee and a great beach and a big parking area. The receptionist/manager could use some kindness though.

  • nelly vergou
    nelly vergou
    6 months ago

    A nice camping. Anything special. Bathrooms aren't so clean and the need renovation. Staff is nice and friendly.

  • Maria Florou
    Maria Florou
    7 months ago

    VERY expensive (2 persons - own tent - seafront - 30 euros per night) in relation to its facilities: - Dirty toilets - Women toilets locks were not working - No toilet paper - No hand soap - No hand towels - No antiseptic in toilets, although mandatory from law - No hot water in one of the showers' buildings Also, very expensive in comparison to campings in Gytheion A lot of noise from Kronos camping nearby, as well as guests hanging in the Dias camping restaurant, until early hours Tent spots are not cleaned and are full of dry leaves and a lot of thorns

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