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It is about 2 kilometers from the town of Asprovalta that the organized camp Asprovalta is located on a long sandy beach. According to the regulations governing the classification of tourist camps, Asprovalta campground is classified as a two-star establishment (see below).

The campsite is located in the Municipality of Ag. Georgios, which is a part of the Municipality of Volvi in Thessaloniki and is accessible by car or public transportation. It is around 54 kilometers away from the Kavala beautiful forests, 2 kilometers away from the wildlife refuge, and 7 kilometers away from the national park’s boundary.

It is especially popular during the summer months because of the abundance of hotel units, rental rooms, and cottages available in the vicinity to serve tourists.



  • Adult
    7.00 €
  • Child
    5.00 €
  • Small Tent
    5.00 €
  • Large Tent
    6.00 €
  • Caravan
    7.00 €
  • Motorhome
    9.00 €
  • Van
    7.00 €
  • Car
    4.00 €
  • Motorcycle
    3.00 €
  • Electricity
    4.00 €


Google Reviews

449 reviews
  • Philip Rusinov
    Philip Rusinov
    7 months ago

    The camping is very good, I'm excited! Here is my short overview: Pros: 1. Spectacular and huge place with thousands of tent/camper plots 2. A lot of trees, which are great shields during the hot summer 3. The beach is very big, it is not crowded, the water is clean 4. Camping is located outside of the near village Asprovalta, so there is no noise from the bars and restaurants. 5. A few fridges for share usage are located in the main entrance 6. Wonderful nature, trees, a lot of flowers, we meet hedgehog, turtles and even the fox. Cons: 1. There isn't lighting in most of the alleys, which in combination with the big trees is making the camp very dark during the nights. Be prepared with some flashlight. 2. Most of the toilets are not renovated, in some of them hot water is missing after the sunset. 3. There aren't water taps at most of the tent plots and most of the electricity outlets are not working, so before you choose plots, check for that. 4. No shop inside the camp, there is outside, in front of the reception, but as the road is busy you can't send kids for ice cream without accompany them.

  • Nelly Papazova
    Nelly Papazova
    6 months ago

    Very good, not crowded, with a lot of shade and huge beach. Toilets are clean and good. The water can sometimes be muddy because of the inflow of Struma river. The sea can also have a lot of waves. There is a good supermarket just across the street from the entrance. There are some restaurants around with OK food and cheap, but not excellent.

    8 months ago

    Very nice camping place, all green big trees , very very clean sea, clean wc and shower, location is very near city center.

  • Noone Else
    Noone Else
    2 years ago

    we visit the camping on Sep 2020 for a weekend (low season). Family with 2 children, used personal tent. I have last visited the camping on 2012 with wife only with a small tent. Since then I have seen that common facilities (showers and toilets. not dish washing areaw ) have been extensivly refurbished with great quality materials. (maybe this year!) Cleaning crew cleaned 3 times a day! All toilets with toilet papers, basins with paper towels and soap (due to COVID19 with hand sanitizer too)! Hot water in showers with sun heating cell on the roof ( due to shadow by tall trees this may cause hot water to be scarce in case of great demand). Camping provides bangalows too but havent used them so cant review about that. Even though cant call it a modern facility I tottaly recomended this camping for summer vacations!!!! Advantages: -Extreme personal space for tent or trailor -Tall trees and rest of fauna ensures shadow throughout the day and a totally natural environment!. -Size of the camping ensures that you can find a place quiet if you like, or closer to other (the choise is yours). -Prices tottaly reasonable (maybe cheap depending your wallet!) -Very clean common facilities. -Recently refurbished wc -showers. -Safe -Nice sandy beach Disantvantages -Part of the camping (on both EAST and WEST boundaries) is almost abandoned (meaning nature has re-taken over the space) and common facilities reffer to this places are also abandoned. No electricity there too. (but the central area of the camping as i said is OK). So you can have stroll there to pick berries for instance or have a forest-like stroll. -Common fridge (only ONE) and refrigarator (only ONe) at the Reception ONLY (maybe in high season is not enough and you wont find space for your goods). -Distances can be big enough so consider that when choosing a place (dimensions of the camping is around 1000*300 m) -Most of the "best" ? sites (infront of the sea) are seized by long term contracts (i think 1400€ per seasong including winter parking of their trailors). Ofcourse they are the ones that contribute the most of camping's budget/profits, but i found their permanent constructions (storage little houses, concrete base for trailor and table/chairs, dish washing constructions, fences, permanent canopies and etc very UGLY for a camping! actualy they behave as they have bought a personal LOT eventhough they are just offered a fixed price contract for a year. (these permanent structures are Prohibitted by the LAW ..and i am sure no PRIVATE camping woulod allow them!) FURTHER information and personal thoughts: This camping is about 42hectares (420 000 m2).. opened on year 1972 (constructed on Junda period obviously) with great camping standars (personal places for trailors and tents) open-green space, belong to the Hellenic Organization for Turism (EOT) which used to run on its peak 12-15 campings around Greece (all of them following those HIGH standards). Those days used to have SuperMarket and tavern, tennis fields, basket fields and playground facilities with an attached facility for swimer-visitors only ( called "Οργανωμένη Πλαζ" - organized beach). Unfortunately on early 2000 (?) state deside to stop funding and taking care of such facilities.. some of these EOT camping where given to local municipalities (and kept thriving or at least be adequate for summer camping) and some others where run by a state company called Εταιρεία Ακινήτων Δημοσίου ΑΕ ( Public Estate Company LTD) while some few were totaly abandoned (camping site of Neoi Epivates -Thessaloniki, - Olympos /Skotina, Kammena vourla etc) . As many things in Greece that are state-owned, have no profit-oriented or customer-oriented mentality.. Public servants and their superiors have no motivation for progressing their "bussiness " (meaning the same salaryt will be paid to them , either they please their customers or not) so this particular camping is just kept running with low to medium maintenance..

  • Dmitry Rudanovskiy
    Dmitry Rudanovskiy
    6 months ago

    The place is magical. Tent places inside the old park with wonderful old trees and all looking seaside.

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