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The Irida Resort Suites are situated on a stretch of one of the most breathtaking beaches in Greece, which is favored by the Caretta-Caretta species of sea turtle for the purpose of nesting.

We are located within a green area that is seven acres in size and are just 12 steps from from the ocean. This hotel, which is operated by a family, is open all through the year. We are a completely furnished and elegant apartment community that offers breathtaking vistas of the ocean.

Relax on the verandas, where you may sip your favorite beverage or cup of coffee, or simply spend the day at the breathtaking beach, which is surrounded by a grove of tree-pine trees.

The members of our team are happy to assist you in developing an itinerary for your travels in the surrounding area so that you can see the spectacular Neda River Gorge and Waterfalls, Ancient Olympia, the Temple of Zeus on the Mountain, Lykaion, the Epicurean Apollo Temple, and Nestor’s Palace.



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69 reviews
  • Panos - Peter Stavropoulos

    The Irida Resort is fantastic. It is a boutique hotel and the service and attention we received from the owners and staff as guests was First Class. Our rooms were large and spotless. We enjoyed home made delicious complimentary breakfasts each morning during our stay. We will definitely visit again!

  • Trokhym Sydorenko
    Trokhym Sydorenko
    4 years ago

    The visit was in low season (October), few visitors were there. There was an impression that we came to our relatives, with whom we did not communicate for some time. The absence of noise creates a cozy place. And the convenient location of the intersection in Kalo Nero - you can go in any direction. Wonderful place

  • Graham Richards
    Graham Richards
    5 years ago

    Disappointing stay I will describe our stay in point form, as to our experience at this resort, and will not recommend any person or family to stay. 1. We were interigated on arrival about where we have stayed, where we come from and with who. 2. The owners would appear in our faces out of no where and ask what we are were doing for he day, With his hands down his pants touching his bottom. 3. Wifi never worked in the rooms and only in certain areas outside where we where watched and stalked by the owners and it was very annoying when we where interrupted. when the wifi did work it was so slow, then it would cut out. 4. The owner approached me one evening and stated your child has headlice, he never had interacted with my child. 5. Cleaner went through the wardrobe and removed a spare towel from the shelf and other things where missing. We had mad a complaint, but turned a blind eye. 6. Owner repeatedly trying to force us to go to breakfast, which they stated on arrival that they don't do breakfast but next morning they approached us and stated come to breakfast it was for free, but tried charged us at the end of our stay. 7. Refrigerated was broken and not cooling drinks or keeping things fresh and owner supposabily fixed the problem, but didn't. Just turned the fridge on high and hoping for the best. 8. Owners where treating there dissabled daughter with cruelness just like cinderralla. It was absolutely discusting. As we are Dissability workers. 9. Several times during the morning the cleaner would hose down the concrete and stairs, it was so slippery, that we had several close calls from accidents. This should of been done at times where the guests where out. 10. Owner demanded to see photos of the places we had gone to for the day. 11. We returned from dinner late one night and while walking to our room there was Kostas cleaning his car at 11:00pm at night , then made a comment " hope your having a good time and looked at his phone". As we headed towards the stairs there was his wife standing and looking at us. Then once we arrived at our room door, there was his son waiting near our door. Until we went in. That freaked us out with disbelief. 12. The lamps on the bed side tables were faulty and dangerous. 13. There was a hidden light switch behind the bed head of the main bed and this would go off with any sudden movement, during night or day. 14. All tv chanels were in German. 15. Owner asked not to run the air conditioner at night and to open our sliding doors to save power. 16. During our stay power got cut off six times and we were stuck without cooling and lights. 17. There daughter demanded cigarets of us , while we were sitting outside and observed us chatting to family back home with face time. Then suddenly the wifi turned off. 18. It was a strange when Kostas was away for a few days thing where not going missing but once he arrived back things would just disappear in thin air. 19. We had to leave early due to there unprofessional service, that they provided, during our stay. 20. Kostas stated to us that he was pleased that all the Greek gusts had left, so he didn't have to entertain. Bearing in mind that my wife is Greek and the amount of times her name was called out became unbearable. 21. For any person please reconsider about this resort, as it is unprofessional and badly run by these people. They will approach you thinking they are running fantasy island, but instead there more of faulty towers.

  • Evan Marko
    Evan Marko
    5 years ago

    Very friendly owners. Help with all you need. Clean rooms, great breakfast

  • Spiros Michaelidis

    Great relating place, service, excellent breakfast

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