Adventure and Adrenaline Excursions

What do you usually do when you visit a new destination? Do you prefer a quiet and peaceful holiday or are you looking for adventure? 

If you belong to the second category continue to read to discover 5 activities that will offer you the ultimate adventure and an unforgettable experience.  

Safari in Olympus

Safari is an excursion to get to know the Olympus region as a visitor. It is an area of intense interest for the Caves, the Ruins, its Churches, the Panoramic View and its natural waterfalls.

Suitable for all ages and minors under the age of 18, it fits even in families.

Mountain biking in Olympus 

An activity lasting 4 hours, where you cross the wonderful landscape towards the mountain lake and a rich forest of fir trees, oak and pine trees. There, at 1350m altitude, you can be photographed with the unique landscape, enjoy the fresh air and prepare for the return route. 

This activity is suitable for all ages as well as for minors from 12 to 18 years old.

Ποδηλασία στον Όλυμπο για την λίμνη του βουνού

Climbing in Leonidio

Climbing Leonidio is a must-live experience! Just three hours away from Athens, it is a nearby getaway during which one can explore over 800 different routes for all levels of difficulty.

Η θέα για το Λεωνίδιο από ψηλά. Αναρρίχηση στις διαδρομές του.

Hiking in Lepidas Falls, Astros Kynourias

This hike, lasting about 2 hours, ends at the exotic waterfalls of the Blade. There, one can swim in the natural lakes that form all year round (except in July and August) but also admire the wonderful gorge of Blade.

Οι καταρράκτες της Λεπίδας. Πεζοπορία και εξόρμηση

Paragliding in Central Greece

You want to feel like you’re flying, too? Do you want to enjoy the Greek slopes from so high and so close at the same time? Para5 is a special activity and suits those who want to increase adrenaline levels on holiday.


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